Rally Studios Manifesto
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Rally Studios is not your average production company. Comfort does not resonate with us. Like any group of creatives we are driven by passion and relentless in our pursuit. But we all have one thing in common. We are chasers. We are always chasing the shot, light, vision and the next cut. For us the chase never stops, it just heats up.There is an innate fire within all who fall under our banner to produce the absolute best we are capable of. Rally was created to change how people experience production. And we are just getting started.

-Team Rally

Anthony Jaska
Rally Studios, Founder & Director

Learning from a natural storyteller
“I received my passion for storytelling from my mother. If she wasn’t working 10-hour days, she was super mom, getting me to baseball practices and other school events. When she is in social situations, she loves to tell stories. She’s amazing at painting pictures not only verbally; I’ve always admired that and still aspire to become a storyteller of her caliber.”

Advice for aspiring filmmakers:
“Never stop learning and never stop pushing the limits of your creativity. As soon as someone gets too comfortable with the work, their passion and creativity can diminish.